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Something unresolved

Hey! I'm Bri and I own Second Chances. You'll probably learn more about me from writing with me than from anything else. I highly encourage you to do so!

So step down

Reading trashy novels
Hanging out with my boyfriend, Rebel

Look around

I'm going to shamlessly plug my board here. Second Chances is a life-after-death roleplay about receiving a second chance at life. This place, this world that you've found isn't Heaven, nor is it Hell, or even Purgatory. It is a different world all together, filled with people that have arrived here after dying in another life, in another world. This being said, it is strange that one would get a second chance without having something they were intended to do still left inside them. Second Chances aren't free... But they really are wonderful for those who appreciate them.

You could leave it all behind

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